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Here's a sobering fact: Every day, 50,000-60,000 lawsuits are filed in the United States! Yes, you read the figures accurately. Do all of these lawsuits have merit? Common sense tells you the answer is no. But does that make any difference if the person sued is you or your loved one?

Just like many of our clients, you wear many hats which could expose you to liability: as a parent of a child who causes injury or damage while driving a car you own; as an owner of commercial or residential property in which an "injured" tenant decides to sue the landlord (you); as an employer sued by your employee for harassment, fraud, unlawful termination, age or sex bias, or some other perceived "injury"; as a homeowner sued for an injury that occurs on your premises; as a host serving alcohol to a guest who leaves your home and operates a motor vehicle under the influence. And so on, with lots of hungry lawyers eager to represent the plaintiff on a contingent fee basis. Win or lose, you've lost. Why not plan smart and protect yourself?

At the Law Offices of Irene Clarke David, Ltd., we don't believe that asset protection is just about avoiding lawsuits. Don't most of us, after all, believe that a lawsuit is something that will happen to the next guy, and not us? The goal of Integrated Estate and Asset Protection Planning is to plan properly in advance to legally safeguard your property and wealth against any undesirable and avoidable diversion of funds or loss of assets - to the I.R.S., a divorcing spouse, a spendthrift child, the government, the courts, the wrong beneficiary, the "right" beneficiary in the wrong way at the wrong time or a con artist.

Advance Planning Required

Most successful Asset Protection strategies must be in place before financial problems arise. If you make arrangements after the problem arises, you could be deemed to have acted to defraud a creditor, invalidating the "planning" under federal bankruptcy laws or state creditor protection statutes. Therefore, advance planning is essential in this area. If the storm clouds have already gathered, it might be too late to build your shelter. Plan before disaster strikes.

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