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Practice Areas: Disability Planning

Everyone's estate plan should include disability planning. Disability can strike suddenly and unpredictably, as in an automobile accident. It can occur slowly, as in dementia or various disabling diseases. However it happens, the person's estate planning documents need to be able to help even though the person is incapacitated.

Unfortunately, many people do not plan for disability and the only choice is to begin court proceedings to establish a guardianship of the person and a conservatorship of the person's property. These proceedings are expensive, public and time-consuming because they require court supervision, annual reports, and petitions for authority. To avoid these time consuming and expensive alternatives we highly recommend that every individual has an estate plan that includes disability planning.

An important part of disability planning is a consideration of how you will pay for your care if you become disabled. Options to discuss with your attorney include private pay, long-term care insurance, or (the last resort) Medicaid.

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