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Practice Areas: Pet Trusts

Pet trustsYou may wonder what you would do without your pet, but what would your pet do without you?

Most American households have pets that are dearly loved and cared for by their families. These animals are regarded as an integral and loving member of the family. Many animals outlive their own­ers, and after the owners are gone the pets must have care or they perish. It is vital that you plan for their welfare after you are gone. Now is the time to plan for the future of your family pet through a Pet Trust.

Pet Trusts set up rules and guidelines for the care of animals. The Trust is designed to use a portion of your assets to provide your pet with all of the amenities they had when their owner was alive.

When you establish a Pet Trust you are providing for the:

  • health,
  • maintenance,
  • support,
  • housing, and
  • any other special instructions necessary for the care of your beloved pet.

One of the most important aspects of a Pet Trust is the peace of mind it provides. This binding trust requires that your animal be cared for in specific ways by a caretaker you assign. If the caretaker is not follow­ing your directions, a new caretaker will be appointed. This prevents the caretaker from using your assets in an inappropriate way or not giving your pet the proper at­tention. The predictability a Pet Trust pro­vides will assure you that your animal is left in good hands.

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